About Us

MOBILE PAINT PARTIES! (Private events at most any type of location. Or Public events at your restaurant, bar, winery, or other venue.)


Our Approach

LET'S PAINT, Y'ALL! is passionate about painting and people! We provide a memorable, fun experience while providing a unique creative outlet that we all need in order to escape life's stresses for at least a couple of hours. It's your party, so get up and dance and sing when the music moves you! This is not a traditional "class", no one will grade or critique your painting. This is a PARTY where we keep things positive and fun. All skill levels and "no skill" level are all invited! We focus on creating a fun and stress-free environment for you to relax and socialize creatively with your friends and family. The bonus is being able to take home your keepsake created by you!

So come on out and join us... Socialize creatively and paint some memories together!

About Us & How We Are Different from Other Paint Party Companies

LET'S PAINT, Y'ALL! Painting Parties are different in several ways:

  • We are a small, privately owned, local, San Antonio based company that started December 2017 under "Bos Art." (Elsje started teaching painting events in 2015 for corporate studios.)
  • We offer greater flexibility without corporate rules, creating the best partnership to serve you and your guest's needs.
  • We do not have a studio. All of our events are mobile events, meaning that we bring the party to you at your home, workplace, or other organization. (Or you might be able to catch us at an upcoming public event!)
  • We have a smaller library of paintings to choose from, BUT we offer CUSTOM paintings for your event at no extra charge, and will add it to our growing library. Simply submit a photo or describe what you would like. We’ll create a custom painting (with up to 2 modifications as time allows) at no extra cost!
  • We offer prizes at all adult events! The greater the number of guests, the better and/or more prizes!
  • FREE registration(s) available! Please see our SERVICES & PRICES pages for details!
  • We do not charge travel/offsite fees! We simply increase our minimums.
  • We are VIRTUAL EVENT SPECIALISTS! Our first was in April 2020 during the pandemic, and we did 75+ events during these first 12 months alone!
  • We are still continuing with virtual events. They have proven to be ideal for long-distance events, bridging the miles between family, friends, and coworkers!


Meet the Instructor

No skills needed...  I've taught literally thousands of people how to create a painting or project that they can proudly display in their home or give as a gift!


Artist /  Instructor / Owner

Art is not only my business, it is my lifelong passion. From my early years in my high school art club to studying art in college... from running a successful mural painting business to years of teaching these painting party classes- art has always been an important part of my life.  In addition to teaching painting party classes, I've also taught creative scrapbooking classes at my local adult ed center for over 7 years. Combining my lifelong love of painting and my love of teaching and sharing creative outlets with others makes "LET'S PAINT, Y'ALL!" my dream job!

I have two grown sons & 2 precious grandchildren, and 2 crazy dogs. I'm also a passionate traveler and certified SCUBA diver who loves to use these experiences for artistic inspiration. I am proud to call the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas, home!