FAQ Hosting a Party!

1.) How many people can I invite to the Painting Party?
  • Pretty much as many as you can provide table space and chairs for!
  • Parties greater than 25 people require a minimum of 3 weeks notice.
  • Parties greater than 60 people require a minimum of 4 weeks notice.
  • For larger parties, we will have an assistant(s.) (Assistants are included in the price.)



Additional guests are welcome at an ADDITIONAL $5 charge per person, provided that there is seating AND supplies available. They must arrive 30 minutes prior to event.

2.) What do I need to PROVIDE to host a Painting Party: 
  • The room. (Non-carpeted, as paint might spill! Or cover your floors PRIOR to our arrival. (We also have some canvas tarps to help cover floors.) Garages are ideal, weather permitting.) Outdoors ok, weather permitting.
  • Table space and chairs for each guest, already set up upon our arrival.
  • Table space for art instructor (for set-up and supplies) near an electrical outlet. (If not available, we can bring one.)
  • Drying area, if desired: Small area (counter or table) near outlet for hair dryers (can be anywhere in the room.)
  • Sink and running water.
  • Trash can(s.)
  • WiFi password.
  • If desired: You and/or your guests can provide food and drink. If serving food, please make sure guests arrive approx. 45 minutes early  to serve themselves, as late-start fees apply. Everyone is welcome to eat and drink while painting!
3.) What do I need to DO to host a Painting Party: 
  • Contact us to schedule a date and to answer any questions.
  • Pay deposit to secure that date. See DEPOSIT POLICIES for details.
  • Choose a painting from our PAINTINGS LIBRARY, -OR- tell us what kind of painting your group would like, and have us design a custom original!
  • Make sure guests are prepaid, as payment-in-full is due prior to event. You may collect all monies, and/or give guests the option to register here on-line. ($5 additional charge for those paying the day of, IF space & supplies are available.)
  • Please make sure all guests know to arrive at least 15 minutes early for seating and getting situated. The party will start ON-TIME. (Late-start fees apply.) Please also know that late arrivals may not be able to catch up.
4.) What is the party time-frame?

Approx. 4 to 5 hours:

  • 1 1/2 to 2 hours or more prior to event: we will arrive to set-up (Earlier for extra large parties.)
  • 15 minutes prior to party, please have all guests arrive to get situated and seated. Party will start on time. (Late-start fees will apply.) Please also know that late arrivals may not be able to catch up.
  • 2 hour instruction & party. (Or whatever party duration that you have selected.)
  • Approx. 1 hour after event/instruction for us to clean-up and pack up.
5.) What is included in a Painting Party?
  • Custom invites with all your event & registration details! We will create invitations for emails, Facebook, and Instagram. Simply send the emails, and post to your social media. We will even create a Facebook page just for your event! Just let us know if you're interested in this service.
  • Set-up. We arrive approx. 1 ½ to 2 hours or more prior to event. (Exact time dependent upon number of guests, and if space was previewed. Extra large parties may require extra set-up time.)
  • 2 hour step-by-step instruction (Or whatever duration party was selected.)
  • Individualized help as time allows in-between steps.
  • All clean-up.
  • Music (age appropriate), speaker, and microphone.
  • Prizes! (Adult parties only. The more prepaid guests, the more prizes! One prize for every 10 prepaid guests.)
  • All supplies for each painter: Table cloth, easel, canvas (or other painting surface), brushes, paint & palette, cup to rinse brushes, paper towels, aprons. Use of hairdryers and other tools/items as needed per painting.
6.) Can I hold a party outdoors?
  • Yes, weather permitting. It would be ideal, but not required, if you had a back-up area indoors for wet, windy, hot weather.
  • Outdoors are limited to our wood projects, no canvas. The canvas is at risk for blowing off of the easel and landing paint-side onto each guest.