FAQ Hosting a Party!

How many people can I invite to the Painting Party?
  • Pretty much as many as you can provide table space and chairs for!
  • It is up to you and your guests, but yes, it is perfectly fine if you only provide the tables and have all guests stand for the event.
  • Parties greater than 25 people require a minimum of 3 weeks notice.
  • Parties greater than 60 people require a minimum of 5 weeks notice.
  • For larger parties, we will have an assistant(s.) (Assistants are included in the price.)
What do I need to DO to host a Painting Party? 
  • Contact us to schedule a date and to answer any questions.
  • Choose a painting from our PAINTINGS LIBRARY, -OR- tell us what kind of painting your group would like, and have us design a custom original!
  • You will receive an invoice via email with all CONTRACT info.
  • Pay deposit upon receipt of invoice to secure that date. See DEPOSIT POLICIES for details.
  • Make sure ALL guests are prepaid, as payment-in-full is due prior to event. You may collect/pay all monies, and/or give guests the option to register on-line. We will create a registration page for you. (You will be responsible for any balance due on due date if minimum registrations were not met.)
  • Please make sure all guests know to arrive at least 30 minutes early for seating and getting situated; and for greeting your guests and socializing. The party will start ON-TIME. (Late-start fees apply.) Please also know that late arrivals may not be able to catch up.
  • You provide and set up all tables & chairs prior to instructor arrival. We do the rest!
What is the party time-frame?

Approx. 4 to 5 hours:

  • 1 1/2 to 2 hours or more prior to event (depending on # of guests): we will arrive to set-up (Earlier for extra large parties.)
  • All guests arrive at least 30 minutes early for greeting your guests and socializing, seating and getting situated. The party will start ON-TIME. (Late-start fees apply.) Please also know that late arrivals may not be able to catch up.
  • 2 hour instruction & party. (Or whatever party duration that you have selected. Kids up to approx. 9 years old usually = 1 hour due to limited attention span. Older kids = up to 1.5 hours.)
  • Approx. 1 hour after event/instruction for us to clean-up and pack up.
What is the youngest age for a paint party?

Of course this differs from child to child, depending on the specific child/ren. However, a general guideline is 4 to 5 years minimum.

Keep in mind, depending on the attention spans, and the variety of ages in attendance, this event is usually an hour or less for 4 to 9 year olds.

What if I have guests that have not RSVP'd, and MIGHT show up?
  • Please think of us as you would a caterer. (They can not bring extra unpaid-for food, "just-in-case.") We are a SMALL business, and in order to help keep our prices as low as possible, we can not afford to sketch unpaid canvases. We are mobile and do not have a studio, nor the space to store pre-sketched canvases, as we have no idea when that design will be requested again on that size canvas.
  • For these reasons, it is up to you as the host/ess to either confirm with all guests prior to the due date, or to pre-purchase additional spaces. If any prepaid guests do not show, you will receive their pre-sketched canvas. (Sorry, no other supplies are included.) You may wish to inform your guests that this is a "paid-per-person” event, and that you need a confirmation by the due date.
  • Additional guests must be prepaid by 48hrs prior to event. We will confirm your total # of guests approx. 2-3 days prior to event.
  • We MAY bring additional supplies. These will be available at an additional $5 per person, the total must be paid in CASH, prior to event start. NOTE: This will be for a BLANK canvas! Please read all above info.
What if I have guests that arrive late or do not show after they've been paid for?
  • Per your contract, guests are required to arrive approx. 30 minutes PRIOR to event start. This allows time for you to greet your guests and to socialize before event start. It also allows time for seating and getting situated (aprons, etc.)
  • Late arrivals acknowledge that they may not be able to catch up. (Sorry, we can not provide 1:1 instruction for late arrivers, but we will do our best to help them as we are able.)
  • You may wish to inform your guests that this is a "paid-per-person” event similar to a caterer, and that there are NO REFUNDS for NO SHOWS or last minute cancelations.
  • If you have additional paid guests (over the minimum # of guests), then you will receive a FULL refund with 48 hours or  more notice if any of these additional guests need to cancel. After 48 hours, we have already prepared everything for them.
A.) I've already paid the minimum. What if I have ADDITIONAL guests that want to paint, but are NOT paid for and do not want to pay?
B.) What if we provide some of our own supplies for some or all guests, is this okay?
  • Well that's awkward, LOL. We try our best to not be negative, however these situations HAVE HAPPENED in the past, so we are addressing them here.
  • UNPAID ADDITIONAL PAINTERS: In order to avoid any uncomfortable situations: If you have additional guests that are not paid for, PLEASE understand that we are a small business and that this is our livelihood, so this is not okay.
  • PLEASE do not ask us to sketch their canvas, or to give them a canvas, or to give them a plate of paint for free, or to use our other supplies, OR for "a-la-carte pricing." We do NOT do a-la-carte pricing. (FYI We do not do any on-site sketches. As mentioned, all sketched canvases must be prepaid prior to event.)
  • PLEASE RESPECT THAT PART OF THE FEES ARE FOR OUR EXPERT & EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTION & TIPS, etc. Having someone participate without paying IS NOT ACCEPTABLE and will result in 100% loss of late fee deposit. You will also be billed for additional painters, regardless if you or they supplied their own supplies.
  • It is completely fine to have others paint in another room or area of course. However, if they are following any of the instruction and tips given, then they need to be paid for.
  • Please think of this as having additional dinner guests at a restaurant. You paid for some, but the other guests brought their own food. OR would you bring your own groceries to a restaurant to save $ and expect the chefs to cook it, since they're cooking anyway? Please respect us as a small business and that this is our livelihood. Please help us to avoid uncomfortable situations and to help keep this a FUN and mutually respectful experience for all.