FAQ Refund & Cancellation & Deposits Policy


PLEASE ARRIVE 15+ MINUTES EARLY! We need time to get seated and situated (Especially for groups so you can find seating together.) Painting & instruction will start on time as listed in event info. Late arrivals acknowledge that they may not be able to catch up.



ADDITIONAL $5-$10 (cash only) CHARGE THE DAY OF EVENT ...  IF  SUPPLIES & SPACE ARE AVAILABLE. This will be for a BLANK canvas or painting surface. We do NOT sketch unpaid canvases. We do NOT sketch on-site at events. Must arrive 30 minutes early for registration and to give us time to set up for you.



Individual Party Registrations for PUBLIC and/or PRIVATE events: 

  • 48+ hours notice prior to start of event VIA E-MAIL only to LetsPaintYall@yahoo.com = full refund less 6% (to cover all transaction fees.)
  • Less than 48 hours = Sorry, NO refunds. OPTION: You may send someone else in your place.
  • SOLD OUT EVENTS: Once an event is sold out, there are NO refunds, and no options to transfer fees to another event. Please understand that we are a small business and held a spot for you, and are no longer able to sell this space to another guest. EXCEPTION: We will start a "wait list" once an event is sold out, AS LONG AS THERE ARE 48+ HOURS left before the event. If we are able to sell your space to another, you will be refunded less the transaction fees. We strongly encourage you to send someone else in your place if you missed the refund dead-line, or if the event has sold out.
  • You may transfer your registration to another event ONLY with 48+hours notice via email, and ONLY IF EVENT IS NOT SOLD OUT! No transferring your registration to any future event if this event is sold out. Please send someone in your place. Please understand that we are a small business and held your spot for you.
  • No refunds for "no shows"; sorry but all fees are forfeited in this case. (Please transfer your registration to someone else if possible.)
  • If event is canceled by us, due to insufficient registrations, or any unforeseen situation, your registration fee will be refunded 100% in full.

"No Shows" = 100% forfeit regardless if it was a public event or private party, and regardless who paid. Please understand that we have bought, prepared, brought, and set up supplies for you, and reserved a spot for you, and no longer have the time or opportunity to re-sell your ticket. (Think of this as a concert, ball game, or any other event. Remember: You can always send someone else in your place if you have less than 48 hours notice.) Thank you!

Deposits for Hosting a Party: A 50% (of party base price) deposit is required in order to hold that date for you. (Please understand that we can not hold a date without a deposit.) The remaining balance of the minimum prepaid amount listed is due 10 days prior to your party date. Party cancellations received via email less than 3 full days/72 full hours prior to party will incur a 50% loss of minimum prepaid amount, as that date was blocked out for you and we would not be able to reschedule another party on your date (any amounts prepaid over the minimum will be refunded in full.) Party cancellations received via email between 4 to 7 days prior to party date will be allowed to reschedule their party date. Party cancellations received via email 8 days or more prior to party will receive a full refund, or may reschedule.

NOTE: We can set up a link for your guests to pay us directly. However, you will be responsible to pay the remainder of the deposit (prepaid minimum) by the 10th day prior to event. (Occasionally a host/ess will charge their guests an additional fee to help cover food and/or rental space fees, etc. Please know that  we can only setup a link to receive their payment for our fees. We can not collect these additional food fees for you.)

Gifts, Commissioned Artwork, & Other Items: Sorry, no refunds. All sales are final.