Public Establishment Partnerships

Are you a restaurant, bar, or other establishment open to the public that is looking to bring in some new business, extra business, or just some extra fun with a wildly popular painting party?

Do you have a day and time where business is slower? Let us come and boost your sales and advertise your business!

Do you have a banquet room or other area not often utilized? Let us come and fill that space with customers!

(Must have a minimum seating for 15. No maximum: We can accommodate large groups of painters/your new customers!)


We had the pleasure of having Elsje come to Hill Country Retreat for a fun filled night of painting and socializing. She provided everything that we needed to make our masterpieces, from the aprons to the canvases. She was fun, entertaining and easy to follow, making even the most novice artists feel like they were capable of creating something great! Most of all, she is truly a lovely person, and we can’t wait to have her back again! (Marijah Coughran -Lifestyle Director, Hill Country)

I absolutely love Elsje and LET'S PAINT, Y'ALL! Elsje is so skilled and talented in the arts. Her personable and bubbly personality makes you feel so welcomed in her classes. It really makes it enjoyable. She has a wide arrangement of  artistic talents and a plethora of examples to choose from for your painting party. If you are looking for a fun yet professional instructor, I highly recommend Elsje and LET'S PAINT, Y'ALL! for your event or party. (Austin Denson, CTA - Lifestyle Director, Valley Ranch San Antonio)

You've come to the right place!

Let's build a successful partnership and increase your business at  no cost to you!

It's  EASY!

  1. Call us, or better yet, let's schedule for us to meet you at your establishment; it won't take long at all! We are excited to share some great, FREE marketing ideas with you!
  2. Agree to put up a sign and/OR sample painting that we will provide.
  3. Post the event on your website and Facebook and Instagram pages (we'll do the same!) NOTE: This is the most important part! We'll create all of the event flyers, post, and promo materials and share it with you. Just "accept" the FB notification for the event, so it appears on your FB events page. So easy!
  4. Ask us about how you can get FREE registrations for you and your staff! (Great employee incentive gift / reward!)


  • Increased awareness and advertising of your establishment!
  • More social media followers!
  • More new customers!
  • More new regular customers!
  • More reasons for your existing customers to return!
  • FREE painting registration at each event held at your location: for you, or a staff member, or whomever you choose!!
  • More fun marketing opportunities at the event!



Bandera Pioneer River Resort, Bandera

Boot & Saddle Saloon, (original & new locations), Bandera

Chicken N Pickle, San Antonio

Dancing Bear Cantina, Mico

Farmhouse Market Cottage Classes, Spring Branch

In Contrada Vineyard, San Antonio

Kickback Korner Saloon, Bandera

La Margarita Restaurant (Historic Market Square), San Antonio

Medina River Winery, Castroville

Mi Tierra Restaurant (Historic Market Square), San Antonio

Red Horse Saloon, Bandera

Red Lobster Restaurant (3 locations), San Antonio

Red Lobster Restaurant (SW 410), San Antonio

Red Lobster Restaurant, San Antonio

RJ's Dance & Fitness Studio, San Antonio

Valley Ranch HOA, San Antonio

Wild Horse Saloon, Bandera