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11/17/18 GIVE THANKS PUMPKINS at Valley Ranch
10/25/18 FALL FLORAL WREATH at Del Webb Hill Country Retreat
11/17/18 GIVE THANKS PUMPKINS at Valley Ranch

Ages 13 and Up * 2 Hour Painting Party * 16x20 Canvas 

Prepaid minimums are by area: We do NOT charge travel or other fees!

  • Party prices (base rate) start at $300 for up to 10 people; the 11th person is FREE! (See below for other options.)
  • Each additional person = $30 PREPAID. Day of event = $35 IF supplies and space are available. 
  • Prices are for 16x20 canvas. See below for other options. You may also choose special projects, wood, etc. for an up-charge.  This would also allow for parties of less than ten people to not need to pay "extra." 
  • Contact us for prepaid minimums for you area. Prepaid minimums are by area: We do NOT charge travel or other fees!


  • Additional set-up time will be required. Additional fees may apply. (Please ask.)
  • Easels will NOT be used.

PLEASE ALSO SEE OUR FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):




(Per Person. Sorry, projects cannot be shared/split. Thank you. All prices listed are for 2 hour parties unless otherwise specified.)

PRICES SHOWN ARE PREPAID EARLY-BIRD PRICES. Regular rate = additional $5 three days before event. Day of event, add $5 to regular price.

(For private parties, minimum/base rate must first be met. See above info.)


  • Canvas 16x20 ...starts at $30 
  • Specialty Canvas Projects 16x20 ...starts at $35
  • PUZZLE-STYLE - These are a FUN way to create something special with a group of people. Generally, the host keeps ALL canvases to create one large painting. Great for a team-building alternative, house-warming, or any special birthday, anniversary, or other occasion. Minimum party prices apply. Each additional person if SHARING a canvas (can have "teams" of 2-3 people per canvas) = $10 per person in addition to minimum party rate.


  • Wood Boards approx 18x7.5 ... starts at $30
  • Wood Signs (single board/ approx 1-3 words) includes jute hanger, large assortment of tools, stencils, LOTS of embellishments, and specialty paints...starts at $35 
  • Wood Shapes/Door Hangers ...starts at $38 
  • Wood Pallets, etc (approx 16-18" x 16-18") ...starts at $40 
  • Wood Pallets, 4ft high (by approx 14-16" wide)...starts at $45 
  • Wood Porch Welcome Boards: (single side) 5ft (1x8) sanded  ...starts at $40
  • Wood Porch Welcome Boards: (both sides; 3 hrs) 5ft (1x8) sanded  ...starts at $45


  • Two glasses (choice of any two: stemmed wine, stemless, or beer mug) ...starts at $35
  • "Frosted" or Clear Wine Bottle with Cork Lights  ...starts at $35
  • One Wine Bottle with Cork Lights PLUS Two Wine Glasses ...starts at $40
  • Porch/Patio/Shelf Stones (sizes vary: approx 7-12"w x approx 4-7"h) (stone-types vary: flagstone, sandstone, etc) ...starts at $30
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Indoor/Outdoor (inc. 12x12 slate stone tile "board" w/felt pads + 9 stones)... starts at $30

CUSTOM STENCILS for Paint Projects:

  • Prices start at $1 to $25 per piece. Price depends on: Special design and set-up time, size of stencil, detail of stencil, number of words, material used (removable sticky vinyl: single use stencil; or plastic: multi-use stencil), amount of "weeding" involved (option to weed on your own, depending on time needed at event.) Ask us if you have any questions.
  • Some paintings include stencils. Some events have stencil options. See event details for info.
Email us with any questions!
Email us with any questions!