Prices: Private Parties- KIDS or ALL AGES

A LET'S PAINT, Y'ALL painting event is the perfect choice for your party because it includes:

  • the entertainment
  • the activity
  • the take-home gift for each guest!


This option is for parties where there will be guest(s) 12 years & younger, and is specifically geared for those younger guests.

(For parties where ALL guests are 13 and older, please see pricing for Adults & Teens

* Clubs * Churches * HOA's * Apartments * Holidays * Birthdays * Anniversaries * Celebrations

* Home-School * Family Reunions

In addition to PAINTING PARTIES, we also offer:


  • Two different slimes:
  • Choose 3 different slimes for an additional $5 per person. Includes an additional 1/2 hour party time.
  • Each person will receive color options
  • Includes:
    • Containers for each slime
    • Bag to carry containers of slime
    • Disposable plastic aprons
  • Also Includes (use of, as applicable):
    • Glues
    • "Magic Activator" solution
    • paint colors
    • Bowls
    • Measuring cups
    • Stirring implements


Contact your HOA about scheduling us, and receive $50 credit toward your own child's registration!

  • 5 days in a row, never the same painting surface twice!
  • Surfaces may include: canvas (pre-sketched), wood, wood cutout, fabric/textile, craft, craft & paint combo
  • Time options:
    • 1 hour per day with one step-by-step guided project per day
    • 1 1/2 hour per day. Each day includes:
      • 1 hour per day with one step-by-step guided project
      • free-style painting project after guided project (minimum of 3 different surfaces per week!)

Kids Only - or- All Ages * One Hour  

*Prepaid minimums are by area: We do NOT charge travel or other fees!

  • NO TRAVEL FEES, Just a higher minimum charge, which ALSO INCLUDES ADDITIONAL GUESTS!


  • We love being outdoors! However, additional set-up time will be required to tape everything down. Additional fees will apply. (Please ask.)
  • Easels will likely NOT be used, depending on wind.
  • Must NOT be in direct sunlight. Shade or covering must be provided for instructor. REQUIRED: Back up INDOOR location, already set up prior to our arrival in the event of any inclement weather (heat, wind, rain, etc.)
  • WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any paint spilled on patios or decks, etc, as we strongly advise AGAINST outdoor events due to breezes and wind.

What else IS included in your event:

  1. Tablecloths.
  2. Setting up of tablecloths on tables only.
  3. Paper towels.
  4. Use of aprons.
  5. Use of any specialty tools as needed for specific painting project.
  6. Age appropriate Music.
  7. All set up starting with tablecloths.
  8. All clean up.
  9. Slideshow of photos taken at your event, set to music. These will be posted on FB & IG for you to share. (Sorry, we do not send individual photos. Please copy from our posts.)

What is NOT included in your event:

  1. Tables.
  2. Setting up of tables. (MUST be done prior to our arrival.)
  3. Chairs.
  4. Setting up of chairs.
  5. Covering of floors. (If desired, MUST be done prior to our arrival.)
  6. Covering of any seating. (If desired, MUST be done prior to our arrival.)
  7. Taking down of tables & chairs.