Prices: Private Parties- KIDS or ALL AGES

This option is for parties where there will be guest(s) 12 years & younger, and is specifically geared for those younger guests.

(For parties where ALL guests are 13 and older, please see pricing for Adults & Teens)

               * Clubs * Churches * HOA's * Apartments                              * Holidays * Birthdays * Anniversaries * Celebrations                * Home-School * Family Reunions * Baby Showers *  

* 1 to 1.5 Hour Painting Party   * 8x10 Canvas

*  Kid's (Simpler) Painting    * Age Appropriate Music


Also available: SLIME parties! Includes your choice of any TWO different types of slime per person,                                                 OR all THREE for only $3 additional          per person:

1.) Glow-in-the-Dark -OR- Black Light with Floam Beads

2.) Fluffy Slime

3.) Glitter Slime -OR- Metallic Slime

(Each person can choose from lots of color options!)

Approx. 1 hour for 2 Slimes;  1.5 hours. for all 3 Slimes.


  • Containers for each Slime.
  • Bag to carry Slimes home.
  • Disposable, single-use aprons.
  • All supplies needed.

Same price & guidelines as Kids (All Ages) Painting Parties.

Kids Only - or- All Ages * 1.5 Hour Painting Party * 8x10 Canvas 

Prepaid minimums are by area: We do NOT charge travel or other fees!

  • Party prices (base rate) start at $200 for up to 10 people; the 11th person is FREE! (See below for other options.)
  • Each additional person = $20 PREPAID. Day of event = $25 IF supplies and space are available. 
  • Prices are for 8x10 canvas. Ask about other options (some listed below.)
  • Contact us for prepaid minimums for you area. Prepaid minimums are by area: We do NOT charge travel or other fees!


  • Additional set-up time will be required. Additional fees may apply. (Please ask.)
  • Easels will NOT be used.

PLEASE ALSO SEE OUR FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):



PRICE by PAINTING TYPE (For private parties, minimum must first be met. See above info.)

  • 8X10 Canvas ...starts at $20 
  • Wood Name Signs (with Embellishments) ...starts at $25
  • SLIME party ...starts at $20