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From a home party to HOA's, churches, apartments, clubs, place of business, anywhere!... We can work with you to create a fun and memorable experience for you and your guests.



Are you an HOA, Church, Apartment Complex, Club, or other organization that would like to schedule monthly or quarterly private parties for your members at your location? Click the "ON-GOING EVENTS" button below.



Are you a non-profit wanting to have a fun and easy way to earn money for your organization at your location? Click "FUNDRAISERS" button below.


Kids & All Ages

Want to schedule a private party for a group of kids at your location? Or all ages for some memorable family fun?(Home/birthdays, scouts, home-school, etc.) Click the "KIDS or ALL AGES" button below.


Adult or Teen Parties

Want to schedule a private party at your location for your family, friends, company, church or other club? Click the "ADULTS or TEENS" button below.

Grab a friend or more and come paint with us at a local restaurant, bar, or other location!

No need to BYO food or drink! Order there, make it a stress-free night.. and support a local establishment!


Public Events


2 hour class on:

Canvas (16x20)- starts at $30

Wood & Specialty- starts at $35



2 hour class (16x20 Canvas)- $35

$10 of each ticket sold is donated to your charity!

Events at My Establishment:

Do you run a restaurant, bar, or other establishment (open to the public) and are looking to bring in some extra business on a slow day/time, new business, or just some extra fun? Click the button below for more info.

Some HOA's, churches, or other organizations and businesses prefer to have their guests register on-line, or give them the option... No worries, we got you covered! And there will be one less thing to worry about!